Scott Burt

Scott Burt

Scott Burt

Senior Vice President, Chief Intellectual Property Officer and General Counsel

“I’ve learned to keep my eye on the overall business objectives of any deal and keep the legal issues in that business context. It’s exciting to be the Chief IP Officer at an IP management company.”

Strategy 300 Recommended Individual 2014

In Scott’s view, one of Conversant’s strengths is that the company always prosecutes patent applications from the perspective of licensing. The patent prosecution and licensing teams work together to get the best possible claims allowed for future licensing potential.

Conversant is focused on achieving patent licensing agreements. But when Conversant must turn to a court to help resolve the issues, Scott brings over 20 years’ experience to the litigation process.

Representing Conversant in the public policy debate about patents is a challenging part of Scott’s role. As a longtime leader in the patent licensing business, he understands Conversant’s responsibility to be involved in the conversation about the principles underlying responsible patent licensing and to be a part of the solution to the problems caused by the bad apples.

Career highlights
• Being on the team that “discovered” the Eastern District of Texas as a place for patent litigation in 1992
• Representing a company that bought a cleaning products business from Unilever for $1.6 billion. The deal involved the transfer of a large amount of intellectual property, including portfolios of thousands of patents and trademarks around the world. There were seven separate agreements related just to the intellectual property aspects of the deal.
• Representing a prominent children’s rights advocate in Palestine who was seeking religious asylum in the United States. He was granted asylum, and his immediate family later joined him in the US. We did a good thing for a deserving man.

Scott’s recent blog posts

Is Conversant being unrealistic?

This recent article, in which former U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Chief Judge Paul Michel calls licensing best practices “just not very realistic”, caught our eye.  Conversant was the first company to publish a set of Patent Licensing Principles  back in November 2013.  We have received a lot of support for our […]

Intellectual Property and the Chinese Market

China is enjoying a meteoric rise in the international IP marketplace, increasingly taking centre stage as the balance of global economic power shifts eastwards. Astute businesses operating in China recognize that they need strong patent portfolios if they are to continue to grow at their current rate. Ensuring that they have the necessary expertise to […]

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